Fe. Me. S. P. Rum. & Previous Congresses

The Mediterranean Federation of Health and Production of Ruminants (Fe. Me. S. P. Rum.) is an international association, established in 1988, that brings together different professionals (veterinarians, agronomists, animal scientists, etc.) dedicated to the care and welfare of ruminants, to study and prevent diseases, to increase and improve their production (meat, milk, wool, etc.), and above all to improve the quality of their products and make them healthier for consumers.


Fe. Me. S. P. Rum. is intended for professionals who are dedicated to practice, research or teaching  of health care and production of ruminants in the Mediterranean area, favouring discussion on these aspects, and the realization of periodical meetings, to promote advancement that helps to improve this sector and cooperation among member countries.


Fe. Me. S. P. Rum. is a member of the World Buiatrics Association (WBC).


Fe. Me. S. P. Rum. international board


Carcangiu Vincenzo, Sassari, Italy

Vice President

Alonso Diez Angel Javier, Leon, Spain


Starič Jože, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Cuteri Vincenzo, Camerino, Italy


Alonso de la Varga Marta Elena, Leon, Spain

Panadero Fontan Rosario, Lugo, Spain

Ligios Ciriaco, Sassari, Italy

Bosco Antonio, Naples, Italy

Peli Angelo, Bologna, Italy

de Almeida Andre M., Lisbon, Portugal

Magda Ali, Asyut, Egypt

Or M. Erman, Istanbul, Turkey

Dimitrijevic Blagoje, Belgrade, Serbia


Fe. Me. S. P. Rum. honorary members

G. Gentile, ltaly

A. Vaz Portugal, Portugal

I. Jazbec, Slovenia

P. García Partida, Spain

F. Trenti, ltaly

C. Gutiérrez Panizo, Spain

F. Prieto Montaña, Spain

A. Pugliese, ltaly

V. Visentin, ltaly

B. Fatur, Slovenia


FeMeSPRum Scientific Congresses:

XXIVth Leon, España 2019
XXIIIrd Bologna, Italia 2018
XXIInd Sassari, Sardinia, Italia 2015
XXIst Cartagena, España 2014
XXth Assiut, Egypt 2013
XIXth Belgrade, Serbia 2011
XVIIIth Durrës, Albania 2010
XVIIth Perugia, Italia 2009
XVIth Zadar, Croacia 2008
XVth Kuşadasy, Turkey 2007
XIVth Lugo-Santiago de Compostela, España 2006
XIIIth Bari, Italia 2005
XIIth Istanbul, Turkey 2004
XIth Olbia, Sassari, Italia 2003
Xth Djerba, Tunisia  2002
IXth León, España 2001
VIIIth Giardini Naxos, Sicilia, Italia 2000
VIIth Santarem, Portugal 1999
VIth Postojna, Slovenia 1998
Vth Ozzano Emilia, Bologna, Italia 1997
IVth Murcia, España 1996
IIIrd Teramo, Italia 1993
IInd Salamanca, España 1992
Ist Alghero, Italia 1991