Mediterranean Federation for Health and Production of Ruminants (Fe. Me. S. P. Rum.)

XXV. Fe. Me. S. P. Rum. Congress
11th-13th June 2020

Dear colleagues and friends,

“The professional and scientific journey never ends…”

It is our great pleasure to invite you all to the XXVth Fe. Me. S. P. Rum. Congress to be held in the beautiful city Ljubljana, Slovenia from June 11th to June 13th, 2020. This event will offer the opportunity to explore exciting new findings of research in ruminant health and production sciences from the Mediterranean region and broader. You must not miss this congress for the following reasons:

First: Fe. Me. S. P. Rum.  2020 will be a melting pot of wide knowledge, where you can personally address pressing topics, advance interesting ideas and promote creative knowledge. Ljubljana will be the place where ideas and opinions are exchanged in an approach that emphasizes interaction. The various round tables and sessions we are organizing for you to promise exciting information for everyone. Each session, which will consist of renowned speakers, experts in their respective fields, will address a major topic or related issues. You may learn more about a topic you were already familiar with or you might also find yourself discovering new ideas and information you didn’t know existed. Either way, you’ll have many opportunities to explore fascinating new findings in a friendly environment.

Second: hearing of someone else’s background and experiences can often contribute to our research and profession. So take advantage of this rare gathering of people working in the same field, exchanging views, and learn from one another about the following cattle, small ruminants and other ruminants topics: physiology, production diseases, welfare, infectious diseases,  nutrition, internal medicine, surgery, clinical pathology, parasitic diseases, heat stress, transboundary diseases, production in Mediterranean basin, scientific and professional cooperation in Mediterranean region, education, reproduction, remarkable clinical cases and…much more.

Third: Ljubljana is renowned for being a people-friendly city and offers excellent facilities for a friendly gathering and knowledge transfer. Many possibilities for networking, face to face discussions and meetings will be provided during the social program of the congress. The venue of the congress is in the city centre, within a walking distance from many accommodation options and tourist attractions.

Please consider this invitation with a “spirit of discovery” in mind, taking advantage of the many ways in which you too might explore the unfamiliar. Love of our work makes us feel united in the same mission, giving energy to ruminant health and production culture.

The motto of our congress could be, to quote Sherrington, “Our cultural journey never ends, it only has resting places, points where the traveller can look around and collect his thoughts”.

In conclusion: It’s time for you to come on a journey with us. Mark June 11th – 13th 2020 on your agenda so you can take part in the 25th Fe. Me. S. P. Rum. Congress.

We look forward to welcoming you in beautiful Ljubljana, Slovenia.


On behalf of the organizing committee

Assoc. Prof. Jože Starič, president

Assist. Prof. Jožica Ježek, treasurer

Assist. Jaka Jakob Hodnik, secretary

Visits: 1211